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Pre-Purchase - and - Pre-Sale Inspections

All Cladding Systems:

Regular maintenance - is essential in maintaining the water tightness and longevity of all cladding systems.


Regular cleaning - (at least annually) of the paint coating is required to remove grime, dirt and organic growth and to maximize the life and appearance of the coating. Grime may be removed by brushing with a soft brush, warm water and detergent.


Plaster Cladding Systems Repair/Maintenance:


If you would like to better understand the type of monolithic plaster cladding systems read our  'Monolithic Cladding ' page.


Re-painting - Paint system must be re coated at approximately 5-7 year intervals in accordance with Plaster system manufacturers instructions.


Annual inspections - must be made to ensure that all aspects of the cladding system, including the coating system, plaster, flashings and any control joins, cladding to ground clearances remain in a waterproof condition.


Any cracks, damaged areas or areas showing signs of deterioration, build-up of gardens next to cladding which would allow moisture ingress, must be repaired/corrected immediately.


Repair and Maintenance of cracks:


What to look for;


  • Places where water can get into the framing, and

  • Some signs that water has already got in are:

    holes, cracks, loose plaster, loose fixings, joints that have separated, around joinery, anywhere where the sealing has failed, or any area where water can pool against or soak into cladding.

  • Moisture staining and other visible water damage.

  • Musty smells.

  • Efflorescence (white chalky substance) at junctions or cracks.

  • Mould, moss or colour degradation.

  • Blistering or fading of paintwork, or bubbling or peeling of wallpaper.

Levels of damage:


Cracks under 1mm wide can be painted over using an Elastomeric Paint after correct preparation and cleaning of the affected area.


Cracks over 1mm require filling with a Dap MS Elastomeric Sealant and then repainted with elastomeric paint.


Significant cracks or damage require the plaster system to be ground off and reinforcing fibreglass mesh fixed and plastered over.


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