ThermoPro Inspections Ltd

Pre-Purchase - and - Pre-Sale Inspections

                     - Getting Prepared for the Inspection -





Things you should be aware of:


1- Minimize Interrupting Inspector


We take our inspections seriously and follow a defined sequence and method in each inspection. This helps to ensure accuracy in our reporting and the quickest delivery of our report to you. To this end you can help us by;


Keeping interruptions of the inspector to urgent matters. Discussions should be reserved for before or after the inspection.


2- Extra details and discussions


Should you have any building plans, correspondence, any building issues you wish to get the inspector's input or opinion on, please have these on hand to discuss before the inspection. Bringing these to our attention after our inspection may change the inspection focus, cost unnecessary time and affect your report. We want to save you needlessly wasted time and ourselves.



3- We want you to know


The standard delivery time for our reports is 48hrs from time of inspection (excluding weekends).


Should your report require extra time we aim to notify you on the day of inspection.


Some reports due to there being multiple dwellings on one site, the size and complexity of the dwelling or the number of issues that need to be address will take more than the standard amount of time.
Our reports are delivered in PDF format and emailed to you.
Should you require a printed copy, you are free to do so, or you can request us to send you a hard copy at an extra cost of $50.



Other contact options: 


0800 INFRARED [0800 463 727]