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Why you can rely on our Building Inspection Report

As building inspection specialists our goal when appraising a problem is to be 100% certain of our assesment and recommended course of action for our clients. But, we are not experts in every aspect of building nor are we experts in all building products used in the New Zealand market. Our inspections use moisture detection equipment that give us a high level of confidence that you can rely on us.

Four Reasons you can trust ThermoPro Inspections Ltd.

(We donít make our assesment on the basis of one piece of equipment for example, infrared thermal imaging. We use a number of †moisture detection devices where and when appropriate to make our conclusions.)

1-† Trotec T650 material moisture meter - Non- invasive

(Dielectric Moisture Meter)

2-††Trotec T660 material moisture meter -†Non- invasive

†(Dielectric Moisture Meter)

3 Trotec T500 moisture meter

(probe) Gives percentage moisture - Verifies readings of Dielectric meter.

4- FLIR P65 Infrared Camera

(Helps to detect thermal anomalies that cannot be detected by other devices and stores them as unique photo images.)

4- Certified Infrared Thermographers

(Our inspectors have years of experience in building services industry.)

Our combined experience, qualifications and expertise to arrive at the best professional conclusion as to the cause or condition of a potential problem and what is the industry best practice to remedy the problem so you can have the highest level of confidence regarding your property.

Want more information on our equipment... open the following PDF file.

OR you may want to look at our 'Why Infrared Imaging ' information page.